Absonutrix Black Chai Whole Artisan full Pluck Black Tea 100mg Remarkable Aroma helps relax

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Absonutrix Black Chai

Whole Pluck Black Tea


  • Finest quality
  • Remarkable aroma
  • Artisan Grown

High above a tropical rainforest nestled on a hillside protected by a lush canopy of dense trees, lies the tea fields for Absonutrix Artisan full pluck chai, a full pluck black tea with exceptional aroma paired with an exquisite full bodied flavor. 

Tea originated in Asia and is one of the most consumed beverage today. 

Packed with special technique for lasting freshness.

Brewing Directions:

  • Select any kind of pot or cup you like
  • Rinse the brewing vessel with hot water then add the desired amount of tea leaves
  • Pour boiling water over the tea leaves
  • wait for the leaves to infuse for a minuter or tea. Adjust time depending on your taste, longer brews for a richer taste, shorter for a lighter taste.

* not a significant source of calories from fat